Main tech products of the past season

on Saturday, March 15, 2014

Five Top 2013 Products

The old year is already history, so here we are, recapping that have been the main tech products of the season.

5th - Steam Machine

 We can definitely say how Valve as well as Steam completely changed videogames together with video gaming in general. Couple of months ago Gabe Newell, Steam's creator, launched the Steam Machine, a product which will be capable to integrate PC's potentiality along with home consoles' comfort.

 4th - Google Glass

Google launched them more than a year before, however only in 2013 they were actually examined and tested by journalists along with expert bloggers. The idea is quite good, nevertheless Google must take care of several privacy type of stuff. Meanwhile, GG Google.

3rd - Google Nexus 7 The newest 7” tablet from Google is certainly fast and inexpensive. It includes a Snapdragon 600 Processor, 2 GB of RAM and also a 7” FullHD IPS display. It is created by Asus. Because of its cost (229$ for the 16GB version, 269$ for the 32GB, 349$ for the LTE version) it really is extremely competitive.

google nexus 7 tablet

2nd - Playstation 4

Omg, it has been 8 years from PS3 release... Sony learnt a lot of things from its errors, and so has returned, along with a more affordable and a lot more strong product compared to its direct concurrent. The one lack is that of new - triple A - intellectual products, but there is sufficient time for that.

1st - Nexus 5

Whenever my buddies ask me which smartphone to purchase having a low budget, I always respond to them offhandedly to purchase the revolutionary Google Phone made by LG, the Nexus 5. They tell me they hardly ever heard about that, and never might buy it. I am pleased by that. The Nexus 5 is a niche product, and it has to remain a niche product, for techno-lovers. It is absolutely worthy of the first place inside my chart.


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