Morphology of the Battlefield 4 map: Levolution

on Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Battlefield 4 Levolution Guide

Many folks have been waited for the releasing of Battlefield 4, a first-person shooter video game. It was introduced on October 29, 2013. Battlefield 4 is the sequel to Battlefield 3, Provided by EA and produced by DICE. This video game is extremely well-known, just one problem is you usually can not obtain it 100 % free.

Gameplay features

Battlefield 4 makes use of additional features compared to its prequel. The player should be able to swim underwater avoiding enemies, counter melee attacks and utilize dual-scoped weapons.

The multiplayer contains three factions where you can stand: Chineses, Americans or Russians.IIn the multiplayer, you can choose exactly where you'll stand: Chineses, Americans or Russians.

The game also contains a commander mode, which returns from Battlefield 1942. Levolution is a dynamic change of the battlefield, which may considerably mutate the physiognomy of the map, but will also benefit the player.

The four kits from the earlier game are simply the same: Assault has now to attend for his defibrillator to recharge until using it one more time; Engineer is able to use PDWs; Support is able to use remote mortar; the Recon is now able to use carbines and C4, as well as make use of far more optics and accessories to his sniper rifle.

New vehicles and aircraft have also been added, including attack jet and stealth jet.Initially, customization was bad. In Battlefield 4 it has been enhanced. Guns and vehicles will be customized, using camos.

The most important innovation within Battlefield 4 is unquestionably the morphology of the game map: today I want to analyze it.


Inside this map to be able to trigger the Levolution you need to increase the pression of two pipes, found around B and then D flag. A huge blast can happen, opening up an subterranean passageway. Flood Zone Attack the levee situated to the North of flag B. Water definitely will flow and so flood the entire map, and so the infantry will need to battle across the roofs of the structures.

Golmund Railway

Throughout Golmund Railway you will find explosives throughout the map. Quickly power all of them and enjoy.

  battlefield 4 operation locker lag

Hainan Resort

Assault the right or left side of the hotel placed next to flag B, until it fall. You will see new routes to get in.

Lancang Dam

If you would like cause the Levolution system in this particular map you'll have to destroy the levee on the North. Subsequently, have fun with the breakdown. Operation Locker To cause Levolution through this map you will need to make the guard structure in the proximity of flag C breakdown. An exciting new route will open, really don't pass through it in case you are claustrophobic.

 Paracel Storm

Any time the storm will come, just destroy the windmill burning. The ship will probably be at this point free to move, thus it will crash on the shore and consequently destroy the structure close to flag C.

Rogue Transmission

In order to cause the Levolution system in this map, you must rive the five wires that hold the dish situated in the middle of the map.


Siege of Shangai

The Levolution event which was introduced at E3 2013. Demolish the support beams of the skyscraper above which there is flag C. Parachute straight down, if you are over that, or you will die, killed by the rubble. Zavod 311 The most important Levolution event within this map is made by detonating the bomb within the laptop computer in the building which houses flag D.

  battlefield 4 golmud railway levolution


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