Easy Tutorial - How to make money in GTA 5

on Sunday, May 4, 2014

How to make money inside GTA 5

Most of you requested me to write this down, so here I am, describing you the way to earn money in GTA 5.

Hidden Packages

Around the map you will find hidden packages worthy from $5.000 to $25.000. Easily get them, they may be often noticed underwater.


In addition to the principal quests, Lester will ask Franklin to carry out some assassinations to prefer one or some other organization. Listen carefully and consequently make investments correctly.



During the main story you'll be able to favor and harm a company. Right after the quest Legal Trouble, invest in the FlyUS, their stocks definitely will fall considerably. Then they will resume right after the mission "Meltdown".

Steal folks nearby ATMs

Robbing people in front of an ATM is definitely the easiest method in order to gain some funds, even if you will have to sow the police after that. But it is even now amusing.


Visit various stores, then point enjoyably your gun towards the man at the counter. He'll almost certainly gather some funds for you and permit you to get it. And then it definitely will stab you in the back by calling the police.

Complete the Heists

The first heist of the video game (the jewelry store one) will allow you to cash out lots of money. The other ones a lot more. The last one will let you cash out about 30 millions bucks.

Steal an armored truck 

Armored trucks appear randomly on the map, it is possible to instantly recognize them. Shoot the drivers, put an explosive on the backside of the truck and then burst it, then obtain the money.


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