Beyond: Two Souls Tutorial - All the various Endings

on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guide to all Beyond: Two Souls endings

Equally as in Heavy Rain, within Beyond: Two Souls there is various endings. To get the final prize, "All endings...", you must play them all. There are exactly 11 endings, however, you have to complete just 7 of them to obtain the trophy.

beyond two souls ending guide

Everyone Lives - Chose Beyond

You have to choose "Beyond" after the game, leaving everyone live:

1. Save Walter and Jimmy throughout the "Homeless" chapter. Walter is actually trapped behind a door on the first floor, while Jimmy is in the very same circumstance on the second floor.
2. Save Paul during the "Navajo" chapter. Soon after having brought him at home, cure him with Aiden.
3. Save Norah in the "Norah" chapter, simply by not stopping the heart of your mother.
4. Rescue Cole just by healing his injuries in the chapter Black Sun, then later on explain to Dawking to Move two times, Ryan will show up right after his death.


Everyone Dies - Chose Beyond

Let everybody die throughout the course of the game, and then decide to go to the Infraworld. In the chapter "Black Sun", at a specific moment entities and spirits will certainly try out to block up Jodie. You'll need to solve some QTE (Quick Time Events), just avoid them and then Jodie will die.

Live with Jay

Opt to spend your life with Jay at the end, after having chosen Life. Sooner or later Aiden will definitely come back. Live with Zoey Opt for Life at the end of the game and spend your lifetime along with Zoey. Everybody else can easily live or die, your decision.


Live Alone

Opt for Life after the game, and spend your leftover existence by yourself. You make the others live or die.

Live with Ryan

Spend your lifetime together with Ryan, after you have selected Life. Sooner or later in the last scene Aiden definitely will return.


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