LG G2 vs Google's Nexus 5: who's the best device?

on Sunday, February 2, 2014
Difference between Nexus 5 and LG G2 The ultimate LG's mobile phone becomes the future Nexus

The new Nexus 5 by Google is based on LG's G2, however you probably already know this. Due to the cheaper price of Nexus 5, a bit of specs have been reduce, like the lower-resolution 8-megapixel camera and also a smaller 2300mAh battery, however, it contains a lot of technical specs that makes G2 an amazing product. As you can see inside the Nexus bootup animation, the particular display presents amazing deep blacks, also it is still precise, sharp as well as fantasticly highly detailed. Nexus 5 still has Snapdragon 800 like the processor, together with LTE connectivity.

The greatest change, other than the Android KitKat heart beating inside the new phone, is inside the aesthetics. Google's Nexus 5 opts for an austere matte cover and conventionally placed volume and power buttons upon its shoulders. That generally seems to look like the centrally mounted physical keys and also the shiny patterned back of the G2. Even though the new Nexus 5 look and feel an upgrade, the LG G2 still draw in power users, with its designed chassis and more aggressively specced.

Starting using the two phones more intensely, you will find a couple of various other smaller variations. The Micro USB port is placed identically but is oriented diversely upon the two products, whilst the headphone jack changes its placement: at the top on the Nexus 5, at the bottom on the G2. So the G2's slot is definitely upside down relative to the Nexus 5's. Finally, an highlight that doesn't make any useful variation, is definitely the round earpiece on the Nexus 5: it really is uncommon and it provides the device a bit of its own character.


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