PS4 limitations not present in the FAQ

on Thursday, January 30, 2014

Playstation 4 and its particular limitations

The last Sony's gaming console makes clear some misunderstandings.

Inside the FAQ on the PlayStation Blog you will discover all the PS4's constraints and also capabilities. We discovered various newly discovered limitations regarding the console, considering they are not well-documented, otherwise from the capabilities.

Each PlayStation fan wished to modify their PSN ID names. Sadly, they must keep waiting. Even so, 2000 people can easily be accommodated in your friends list... pretty good.

You can record, stream, or share just about any game you prefer, however particular sections might be off limits.

Voice overs can not be added to a shared video clip. As you are streaming, you can however talk live. Additionally, the Share button can add gameplay videos to a Facebook account, and also it'll let you stream gameplay to Ustream or Twitch.

playstation 4 grafica

Taking a page from the Wii’s playbook, the PS4 will not play CDs. It also will not support MP3 playback, neither will it have a music visualizer. Sony is definitely pressing its cloud-based music service, Music Unlimited: this is why they made these types of decisions.

Over 3G, Remote Play won't work. You need a WiFi connection, to be able to stream PlayStation 4 gameplay to your PS Vita. PS4 together with Remote Play will be used inside the same WiFi network, as recommended by Sony.

PS4 doesn't support DualShock 3 controllers neither PS3 Blu-ray remotes. Your Move controllers can still function with the PS4, but only in games that are made for the new system. Finally, PS3 Bluetooth headsets do not work with the PS4.


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