2014: The Year Of Most Innovative Videogames

on Thursday, May 22, 2014

Top most waited 2014 games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

 Just about the most waited video games in 2014 is surely the 3rd chapter of the Witcher series. CD Projekt RED guys have put significantly dedication to develop this video game, because it is the latest of the saga.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is really the first next-gen video game, introduced at E3 2012. Nevertheless for some technical problems, it has been postponed and it is now planned to be published somewhere in the Q2.

  watch dogs xbox one

Infamous: Second Son

The very first chapter of Infamous was a bit repetitive, nevertheless the concept guiding the game was good. With Infamous 2 Sucker Punch created a great videogame, because of the increased gameplay mechanics along with the innovative, diversified level style. It is now the round of the third chapter, which through the trailers appears to be amazing. Can it meet the expectations? Titanfall Titanfall, the revolutionary IP invented by Respawn Entertainment, will be made available on March 11. Nearly all players are awaiting it, expecting it to bring a little bit of innovation in the fps world.

  titanfall ps3

Quantum Break

We do not know much regarding Quantum Break, expect for the simple fact that is a third person shooter videogames along with the protagonist can easily manipulate the time.

  quantum break ps4

Halo 5

The fifth main chapter of the Halo series will likely be presented somewhere within 2014, however we don't know nearly anything a lot more about it. As fans of the Halo series, we are expecting much from it.


One of probably the most anxiously waited 2014 games is unquestionably Destiny. It is a role-playing fps video game, made by Bungie. It'll be published for next-gen along with old-gen consoles on September 9th.

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division is coming out for Xbox One, PS4 along with PC somewhere within 2014. It'll feature an open-world, exactly where other players can certainly join up along with us within our quests.

  the division ps4

The Order 1886

One more game you must look on is definitely the Order 1886. It's going to be revealed inside Q3 2014, and it'll feature action/adventure characteristics.


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