Tricks to Kill the White Whale - Assassin's Creed 4

on Monday, February 17, 2014

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag White Whale

Using an online connection only in the course of Community Events, the White Whale is available. White Whale Skin is definitely a Crafting item you can easily get through harpooning a White Whale or buying a White Whale Skin from a shop for 20,000 R. assassin's creed iv black flag - playstation 3 While it's simple to hunt the White Whale having a level 2 rowboat, you absolutely need level 3 harpoons in addition to a level 3 spear storage to be able to kill it. Should you have only level 2 items, the whale will slide under you and also destroy your boat without difficulties.
At the beginning of the hunt, after you harpooned the whale, the rowboat will certainly be dragged by it. When throwing each harpoon, focus on the white water bubble spots. Because the white whale will dive deep while dragging the boat, the white bubbles shows its location. Always completely charge the harpoon before throwing it, to be able to obtain max damage on the whale! When the whale dives down and smashes the rope, keep watch facing your boat for the white water bubbles. Anytime, the whale will jump out to smack you. Be extremely fast to throw a spear at it immediately after it jumps out, in order to hook it yet again avoiding damage. Be aware that any harpoons below level 3 can result in the whale leaping out and hitting your boat regardless if you've speared it! Repeat the process on the White Whale and it will drop fairly quickly. Hunt down as many as 3 of these bad boys to craft yourself a nice little Whaler outfit. You can also profit from your hunt, selling the white whale skin to 4000R. There are many white whales waiting to be harpooned... what are you waiting?


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