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on Tuesday, December 31, 2013
If you enjoyed Slender The Eight Pages back in 2012, you absolutely must look at Slender The Arrival. With this particular new episode, Slender is much more terrifying than before.

Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios, respectively, designed and also released Slender: The Arrival in 2013 springtime, which is actually a survival horror video game. Slender The Arrival can be obtained on Steam, but if you want you can actually download it 100 % free using our suggestion, that is definitely to go through this website


The player impersonates a woman, Lauren, who goes through 5 sections of the story. She visit Kate, however she does not find her buddy. She get in her house and also right here she finds some pages that suggested her to go to the radio structure.

Lauren is able to gather 8 pages, checking out the nearby area. When Lauren begins to obtain them, the Slenderman begins to run after her. After a bit Lauren finds each of the pages, nonetheless she faints for the reason that the monster grabs her. Upon awakening the woman locates herself in a mining area, with six power generators to be triggered to emerge from that location. While activating all of them, a new white figure pursues the girl.

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Then you can find a flashback of Kate. The Slenderman is coming, and then she needs to close 8 windows/doors immediately. Afterwards, she runs away from him via her bedroom's window.

A much more violent Slenderman is actually seeking Lauren, as the forest is on fire and she is attempting to reach the radio tower. Inside the tower a dead body is discovered by Lauren, and suddenly the door closes behind her. Many knocks on the doorway may be noticed, and then the screen flashes.


A torch is definitely the only item that the gamer is able to use, he is unable to fight or protect himself with anything. He can only run, especially when he is in danger. In every level the particular Slenderman's mindset changes completely. Arriving in the last level, his attitude is extremely competitive and he'll almost certainly teleport in front of the gamer. When he is definitely nearby the player, the camera shows electronic digital distorsions, which disappear once the gamer moves away. There's a different antagonist, too, a new white figure with a mask who, after, is shown to be Kate, that has turned into a proxy. You can actually target the light on her to mitigate her. It is possible to choose a few difficulty alternatives.

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